Just in at the shop and fresh off the presses is the 344 page, hardcover from Schiffer, "New York City Graffiti: The Destiny Children." A retrospective direct from graffiti artist SHO and the rest of his crew, The Destiny Children (DC3, SHOROZ, BEAVER, LAE, LAC2, ROE, DOOJ, SHIM, ONE2). This impressive visual portfolio boasts over 480 color photos including full train-car gate folds for each of its 12 chapters. Other writers whose work is featured include; ZEUS, CEOS, ROZ One, SHARE 37, POKE IBM, EPIC, RECK, SKETCH, KARL TCM, DEON, BOM 5 MW, SACE RIP, MIRAGE RIP. There is more then just pretty pictures here. True stories of painting in the yards, lay ups, racking paint, beefs and police raids are recounted from TDC's time (1985 – 2000). The book is a must have for any fellow graf artist, art historian, NYC fan and/or urban dweller. Author's autographed copy available only in-store while supplies last.