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Astoria's Little Egypt Reacts to News From the Homeland

New York's Little Egypt community in Astoria responds to the violence going on at home. via NYT

The Defenders of New York

First look at our new tees that will be available in Black with White print and Slate Blue with Red print. BIC lighters coming with these too.

Art by Daniel Pagan

Daniel Pagan is an up-and-coming artist born in Puerto Rico and raised in Queens, NY. Currently he is studying art in Baltimore at the Maryland Institute of Art. via: JP

N.O.R.E. | Tadow

Will Millions directs N.O.R.E.'s latest video which seems to have everyone in it, including Miss July (Kim Killz) from the LICK calendar.

Nature | Welcome To My World

Check out the new video from Nature "Welcome To My World" showing love sporting the LICK "Welcome To..." hoodie.