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Astoria's Little Egypt Reacts to News From the Homeland

New York's Little Egypt community in Astoria responds to the violence going on at home. via NYT

Stop & Frisk Law in New York Ruled Unconstitutional | Reactions

In an inexplicable case of a U.S. District Court judge handing down a ruling which actually upholds the constitution, Judge Shira Scheindlin of New York's southern district struck down Bloomberg's favorite random racial profiling policy as being unconstitutional, much to the mayor's dismay. News of Judge Scheindlin's ruling that "stop & frisk" violated constitutional rights of New Yorkers, particularly minorities, was greeted with mixed reactions by the residents of Brownsville, Brooklyn. via NYT

Sunday School | What Can You Learn From a Gangster?

"You won't find this in Harvard Business Review" ...well, until now. Gangsters, hustlers, pimps an players, not social circles you'd typically find being studied in a scholarly setting. But we're treading unchartered waters these days - economically speaking. If you're thinking about starting your own business and an 14 minute plus academic video doesn't bother you this controversial video might be an invaluable doorway to a revolutionary way of constructing your business mode. via THNKR

NatGeo | The Mob's Greatest Hits: Paul Castellano

December 16, 1985, "John Gotti takes care of the boss before the boss takes care of John Gotti." via NatGeo

New York's Famous Music Venues Through the Years

There is a saying: when one door closes, another door opens. Keeping that little idiom in mind New York might be the most dynamic city in the world when you consider how new shops, businesses, restaurants and clubs are always opening somewhere. But as the saying goes, one venue must close for another to then open. With the upcoming film CBGB set to be released later this year we're taking a brief look at a handful of some of New York's most iconic music clubs, beginning of course with none other than CBGBs: CBGB | 315 Bowery on Bleecker Stret,...