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A Portrait of a Punk | Dee Dee Ramone

Legs McNeil, friend of the late Dee Dee Ramone and Ramones-band insider, recently published a retrospective of his famous 1989 sit-down interview with Dee Dee (aka Douglas G. Colvin) not long after he had left the band earlier that same year. As Legs recalls "He called me and said he wanted to spill the beans. Since we’d been friends since 1976, I was happy to turn on the tape recorder and let him go—which he did for about ten hours." In introducing his article Legs also describes Dee Dee as: "the archetypical fuck-up whose life was a living disaster. He...

Trill Shit | Frank Costello Dodged a Bullet at the Majestic

Famous for its skyline and prime location on Central Park West, the Majestic was home to some of N.Y.C.'s most famous and infamous denizens. Find out what happened when resident and crime boss Frank Costello had a violent brush at the luxury high rise during the 1950s. via VF

Fresh & Klean | YL ft. Lrs "Preach"

Underground University | Use Soap

Assuming you don't have access to the discarded fat from a liposuction clinic, Grant Thompson uses bacon fat and drain cleaner to give a Tyler Durden-worthy lesson in soap making. via DVR

Broken Fingaz in Amsterdam

Deso, Kip, Tant and Unga, aka the Broken Fingaz crew out of Haifa, Israel, just recently completed this bad ass work consist on the MDSM building in Amsterdam. Comprised of twelve separate rectangular panels, a la a comic book, the work is both dark and playful with a biting psychedelic color scheme. via SAN