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R.I.P. Israel Hernandez | Skater & Artist Tasered to Death by Miami Police Department Over Graffiti Art

And so if the world didn't need any more proof that Florida is the absolute dregs of modern society we get this story: Skateboarder and popular Miami-area artist Israel Hernandez (only 18 years of age) has been murdered by the Miami police department via taser for the unspeakable heinous atrocity of graffiting an abandoned McDonald's building at 5 a.m. this past Tuesday morning. In my various tweets, blogs and dialogues I have been critical of CNN in the past - I have to give them some credit however for actually having enough integrity to run a piece on this upsetting...

The New Low Bros. Lisbon Mural

In celebration of the Lisboa Montana Shop and Gallery’s 3rd anniversary, Berlin's Low Bros present to the world their new mural. via JUX

Coming Soon : LICK 2013 Calendar

A sneak peek and a look behind the scenes of the making of the upcoming LICK 2013 calendar.

Long Island City | Past & Present

via ET

New Arrival: New York City Graffiti (The Destiny Children)

Just in at the shop and fresh off the presses is the 344 page, hardcover from Schiffer, "New York City Graffiti: The Destiny Children." A retrospective direct from graffiti artist SHO and the rest of his crew, The Destiny Children (DC3, SHOROZ, BEAVER, LAE, LAC2, ROE, DOOJ, SHIM, ONE2). This impressive visual portfolio boasts over 480 color photos including full train-car gate folds for each of its 12 chapters. Other writers whose work is featured include; ZEUS, CEOS, ROZ One, SHARE 37, POKE IBM, EPIC, RECK, SKETCH, KARL TCM, DEON, BOM 5 MW, SACE RIP, MIRAGE RIP. There is more...