On Saturday, June 11, 2011 the L.I.C.K. Gallery hosted the opening for the solo exhibition of legendary Queens, New York City graffiti artist KR.ONE, "New Worx from the Old Skool". KR.ONE entered the world of graffiti in 1977, bombing trains and tagging up all over NYC. He only put his visual artistic street skills on hiatus when in 1983 he entered into the world of audio art. In '83 he began his career as a musician, traveling the world as the drummer for bands like; Murphy's Law, Lordz of Brooklyn and others. The pieces in the "New Worx from the Old Skool" exhibition range from small 8x10 ink on paper to large 2 x 5 foot wood paneling to miniature train cars. KR.ONE's art captures a time in New York City's history that we no longer see. When train cars of the subway system were splashed with color from young artists from every borough. His art continues along that path with a great sense of color and an eye for the meticulous intricacies in each piece. He reclaims subway service posters and discarded windows to use as unique canvases for his work. KR.ONE Show at the LICK Gallery Even though the art was displayed inside, there was plenty of activity on the street outside the shop. Art-fiends, graf-heads and fellow writers crowded the sidewalk. Some of the fellow graf artists that showed up were KB TSS, RCA IRT, EB TKC, KS3 TSS, SMITH, GEAR 1, BYB MAFIA, BOMB 1 SA, CHI-CHI 133, VEN, WOLF 1, WHISPER, MIKE 79, TIGER 1, NOVA 1, 2MINT, RID, JICE, RIPE, RANK, JAZZ 44, SKOPE, SAMP3 and PAGE. We had a great time at the show chopping it up with everyone that came out. KR.ONE: Sidewalk The art will continue to be on display and available for purchase until the end of August. Come swing by and take a trip back to the old school. KR.ONE: L.I.C.K. NYC Window KR.ONE: Viewing Art KR.ONE: Trains KR.ONE: LICK Gallery KR.ONE: 7 Train KR.ONE: "Up From The Skies" KR.ONE: Blackbooks All photographs taken by Wes Pracejus