And so if the world didn't need any more proof that Florida is the absolute dregs of modern society we get this story: Skateboarder and popular Miami-area artist Israel Hernandez (only 18 years of age) has been murdered by the Miami police department via taser for the unspeakable heinous atrocity of graffiting an abandoned McDonald's building at 5 a.m. this past Tuesday morning. In my various tweets, blogs and dialogues I have been critical of CNN in the past - I have to give them some credit however for actually having enough integrity to run a piece on this upsetting story. The murderer of Trayvon Martin being allowed to walk scott free was almost as bad as it got - but then this happened. Though I hate to quantify murder by saying the circumstances surrounding one is not as bad as any other, but in all honesty this is far worse. In the Trayvon Martin case at least the killer was brought to trial, very publicly so that we all know now who he was, and will be considered a social pariah for the rest of his life. In that sense, a small modicum of justice was served. Don't hold your breath for anybody involved in Hernandez' death to be tried in the same way. Maybe 2-weeks of unpaid suspension may be levied against the guilty parties - if we can expect even that much. As is usually the case the thin blue line will close ranks, opting not to do the right thing and out those responsible which only results in the few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch in the view of all our eyes. Naturally there are some sycophantic apologists who will tell you Israel was "defacing public property and shouldn't of run from the police." Of course, yes, agreed. But did he need to be murdered over graffiting an abandoned building? It's not like the executioner can claim that he was standing his ground - Israel was running - running for his life as it was. According to reports witnesses saw the cops high-fiving and congratulating one another after Hernandez was tazed to death and laying motionless on the floor. Real nice. So congratulations Florida. You've somehow managed to make yourself look like more of a scumbaggier suckhole than we all already knew you were. Impressive. The only good news that can possibly come out of this outside of the life-imprisonment of the "officer" responsible is the fact that we've seen the worst of Florida now. Florida can't get any worse than this... right? Incidentally - as most people are catching onto this fact now - you are far more likely to die at the hands of the police than you will a boogeyman who lives in a cave on the other side of the world. So chew on that. Meanwhile the rest of us are left to mourn the loss of yet another young life, full of unlimited potential, being snuffed out in a state sanctioned execution. "...'umurica, Fuck yeah."