Has anyone ever given any thought to what Jay Z's 99 problems are that he does have? Well Ali Graham has. Ali's tumblr blog is featuring a daily illustration detailing a new one of the Jigga Man's issues and they are serious. Just have a look at a few here.

As we can clearly see, Ali certainly has his finger on the pulse.

Hipster Jay Z does stick out like a Waldo in a South Beach discotheque.

Jay Z's net worth of something in the realm of a gajizillion dollars (that's the number I believe I last heard) is certainly enough to offset any financial probs that may arise. In which case, is Ali telling us that Jay Z is haunted by spooky ghosts? Of course Benjamin Franklin was never an actual president, but he is on the hundred dollar bill, so I might be receiving mixed signals. Maybe it is about money. As Biggie once opined, "mo' money, mo' problemz."

If you like these and want to see more, be sure to follow Ali's tumblr. He's about halfway finished detailing all 99, give or take. One wonders what the remaining problems are. via JUX