Essential Viewing | Jay Z's short art film Picasso Baby

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0 Last week we mentioned that Jay Z's short performance art Picasso Baby film would be debuting on HBO this past Friday night. In case you missed it you can catch it here. "Concerts are pretty much performance art ... The venues change. Just by nature of the venues, the performance changes. If you're in a smaller venue, it's a bit more intimate so you get to feel the energy of the people," Jay Z explains. Even more fascinating is listening to Hov briefly discuss the historical significance and influence of the arts scene on hip hop in its infancy....

Something to Look Forward to | Jay Z's Picasso Baby

Posted by Jay Z & Mark Romanek's project Picasso Baby, a short performance art film, will be debuting next week. The film will depict Jay Z performing his new track “Picasso Baby” while he interacts with a captive viewing audience in the intimate setting of an art gallery. New York's famed performance-based artist Marina Abramovic, whose own 2010 MoMA exhibition Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present which served as inspiration for the project will even appear. HBO has announced they’ll air the “Performance Art Film” this Friday August 2nd @ 11PM EST. (The network also aired Beyoncé’s self-directed documentary, Life Is...

Jay Z's 99 Problems as illustrated by Ali Graham

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Has anyone ever given any thought to what Jay Z's 99 problems are that he does have? Well Ali Graham has. Ali's tumblr blog is featuring a daily illustration detailing a new one of the Jigga Man's issues and they are serious. Just have a look at a few here. As we can clearly see, Ali certainly has his finger on the pulse. Hipster Jay Z does stick out like a Waldo in a South Beach discotheque. Jay Z's net worth of something in the realm of a gajizillion dollars (that's the number I believe I last heard) is certainly...

Jay-Z Unveils New Brooklyn Nets Jersey

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Hip-hop mogul and partial owner of the Brooklyn Nets unveiled the franchise's new jersey design this past week at the new Barclay's Center. via HB

Jay-Z and Pearl Jam "99 Problems"

Posted by Jay-Z joins Pearl Jam on stage for "99 Problems" live in Philadelphia at Jay-Z's Made in America festival this past weekend. via BF

Jay-Z Doc to be Directed by Ron Howard

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Did anyone in Vegas ever place a bet on the odds that the little kid carrying a fishing pole along a dirt path as "The Andy Griffith Show" theme whistle plays would ever work with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.? The odds against this ever happening would probably require a number so large that it would take a week to type it out... I don't do scientific powers-of-ten notation. Ron Howard, a.k.a. Opie, a.k.a. Richie Cunningham, a.k.a. father of the sickeningly hot Bryce Dallas Howard and his longtime partner Bryan Grazer of Imagine Entertainment have signed on to produce and direct a...

Hip Hop Heads

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DEM Illustration did a dope series of illustrations of some big names in Hip-Hop.