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Banksy in Brooklyn

In case you didn't know, Banksy is loose on the streets of New York this October. This little mural popped up in Brooklyn on Kings St. and Vant Brunt as part of the guerilla artist's "Better Out Than In" project. The heart-shaped balloon stencil is a follow-up to his iconic "Girl With Balloon" work. Also, be sure to check out StreetArtNews' 57 second YouTube analysis of this work in the video below. It's fucking brilliant. via SAN

Banksy's "The Sirens of the Lambs" Creeps Out New York

Be on the lookout. Squeaky puppets and stuffed animals stuffed inside a slaughterhouse delivery truck will be creeping around New York’s meatpacking district (and eventually around the rest of New York over the next two weeks. Here's a look what you can expect to see if you're "fortunate" enough to encounter Banky's latest iteration of modern art.

Vintage Gente Menuda Cover Art

A look at some cover art for the 1930s Spanish publication Gente Menuda. Gente Menuda first appeared in 1904 as a children's supplement of Blanco y Negro. Its heyday and real popularity occurred from 1932 up until the Spanish Civil War. Some of the artists involved were Salvador Bartolozzi, Piti Bartolozzi, Masberger, Ramírez, Tauler, Tono, Viera Sparza, K-Hito, Barbero, Alonso, A.T.C., Hidalgo de Caviedes, Climent, Serny, Mihura, and Hortelano. Curator Felipe Hernández Cava is also one of Spain's best comic strip writers, starting out in the El Cubri collective. via 50W

David Choe Does Ayahuasca

A remarkable work from the wild and wacky mind of David Choe. via SMM BBQ

Comic Cover Corner | Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

"Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos" #1 (Jan. 1987) | art by Steve Ditko & Art Nichols Off of the relative success of his 1986 action-adventure flick The Delta Force (pretty good movie by the way) the Chuck Norris machine put together and produced the animated mini-series "Karate Kommandos." Released in the Fall of 1986 the mini-series was nothing more than a feature length commercial for a new line of Kenner action figures. In any case, the series was a success and a comic book spin-off was printed. Here is a look at the Steve Ditko & Art Nichols cover for the...