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Vintage Cuban Political Posters by Daysi Garcia

More vintage poster art from the late 60s/70s-era coming from Cuba's Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America . Most recently we saw the work of some various artists after having already featured work by Faustino Pérez, Lazaro Abreu and Alfredo Rostgaard. Here we feature another particular artist with a pair of Daysi Garcia's designs pictured below. Cuba's Day of Solidarity with the Afro-American People (1968) Cuba's Day of solidarity with Angola (1968)

Comic Book Collages of Mike Alcantara

Here's a new twist to the term "comic book art." Check out this series of collages by Mike Alcanatara who uses nothing other than the pages of his favorite super heroes' comic books - no paint, no ink, no markers. I'd love to see a video demonstration on the production of one of these. via JUX

The Lense of Neal Krug | Bat for Lashes

We've taken a brieflook at Neal Krug's work before. Here is a small set of photographs taken of indie avant-garde UK singer-songwriter Natasha Khan, otherwise known as Bat for Lashes. via NK

The Illustrations of Noah Frase

via JUX

Redrawing Akira with Characters From The Simpsons

Comic artist James Harvey had an idea. He expressed that idea on his tumlr blog. The idea: an Akira re-imagining using characters from The Simpsons. Not long after hundreds, 768 counted thus far, have contributed their work to the project. Here is a look at a few of the submissions: via BUZZ