In honor of The Sundance Channel's airing of the tremendous 2005 doc from Imagine Entertainment & HBO Documentary Films, Inside Deep Throat - a film which details the odd, groundbreaking and oftentimes tragic stories surrounding the 1972 film Deep Throat and it's beleaguered star Linda Lovelace - this month, we dig up out of the basement archives the ultimate 1970s porn soundtrack anthem: Andrea True Connection's unlikely billboard hit "More, More, More." Andrea True Connection, aka Andrea True, a well-known pornographic actress in her own right, recorded the song written by Gregg Diamond as the disco-porn-meld national anthem in 1976 and New York's East & West Village scenes were never quite the same. So yes, it is true, it is a disco tune - but it's a great disco tune. Not only was the recording a hit, in an entirely unlikely happenstance of song writing and producing, True's "More, More, More" is probably the best disco-era song ever. And there's nothing wrong with a little look back at disco now and then. If you don't believe me take a listen to the Carlito's Way soundtrack.