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The Making of Bohemian Rhapsody with Brian May

Queen guitarist Brian May goes back to the mixing board to explain the complexity of layers that went into realizing Mercury’s vision for the song. The original 24-track analogue recording system was far too limited, so the band used the ping-pong technique to “bounce” literally hundreds of overdubs into the mix. May explains how the operatic vocal layers were inspired by the “cascading strings” effect made famous by Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, a technique May first tried out in 1974 with the guitar solo on “Killer Queen.” The video is an excerpt from Inside the Rhapsody, a documentary that was included...

Past Masters | Miles Davis

Michael Jackson's Thriller VS Michael Jackson's Off the Wall

So the other day whilst randomly going through some MP3s in my iTunes I had a revelation. As I arrived at the artists whose names begin with the letter "M" I came to my Michael Jackson collection. There they all were - all of his songs from both his Thriller and Off the Wall albums. Because I have OCD I also use the iTunes star-rating option, so every song I have is rated accordingly. Looking at the ratings I applied to each individual track I noticed something strange that had never made itself apparent to me before: As a collective...

In Memory of Israel Hernandez | Immortal Technique The Martyr

Tell em' the truth and they call you a traitor Talk to em' honestly and they call you a hater ... Immortal Technique; "Eyes in the Sky" | DL The Martyr for free R.I.P. Israel Hernandez - Martyred this week by the murderous state of Florida.

This is All Kinds of Awesome | Drummer Wanted - Don Zimmer

I find people with the talent, drive & determination of a Don Zimmer to be most humbling. via FNG