From the Basement | Ragdoll Slaughterhouse

Posted by From Ragdoll's segment from the Pig Wood video 'Slaughterhouse'

From the Basement | Jamie Thomas in Welcome to Hell

Posted by The Jamie Thomas segment from Toy Machine's 1996 skate video Welcome to Hell.

From the Basement | Andrew Reynolds Anthology

Posted by Deep from the bowels of the basement comes this old school skate vid of Florida skater and Baker Skateboards owner Andrew Reynolds and co.

From the Basement | Beastie Boys On "The Scott & Gary Show"

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On January 29, 1984 Scott Lewis and Gary Winter hosted their second ever public access television show "The Scott & Gary Show" in New York. On that particular edition of their show a very young group of talented lads (and a lady) appeared. As Scott Lewis explains, he had just seen them open for the Dead Kennedys and the audience seemed to take a liking to them - so why not introduce them to the public-access-television-watching world. They were Michael, Adam, Adam and Kate and they called themselves Beastie Boys. Kate was Kate Schellenbach, punk rock drummer for alt, indie...

From the Basement | Paris Skate Slo-Mo

Posted by Probably the most beautiful skate video you'll ever see.

From the Basement | Radiohead live at the BBC Studios

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It's pretty hard to argue the point that Radiohead is not the greatest progressive-art-rock group ever assembled. Here's an example why - A live performance of their track "The National Anthem" off of their 2000 album Kid A from back in '08 during a recorded "BBC Studios" live session. For all of the "techno-electro pop smoke, mirrors, bells & whistles" employed by Radiohead and their long-time producer and collaberat0r Nigel Goodrich in crafting any one of their LPs, they always seem to manage to sound just as good if not better when live.

From the Basement | Rodney Mullen's Skateboard Ninjitsu

Posted by Rodney Mullen likes to skateboard. He's super effective.

From the Basement | Paul Rodriguez

Posted by Behold. Paul Rodriguez showing off his stupid sick skill on a board connected to four wheels. Cement, pipe, aluminum: all are pwned.

From the Basement | Richie Jackson

Posted by I don't know what's sicker, Richie's kickflips or his hair & wardrobe ensembles. But as Forrest Gump taught us "maybe both things are happening, both things, at the same time." This is some pretty gnarly shit.

From the Basement | Jeremy Klein Rubbish Heap

Posted by From deep in the bottom bin of a closet in the backroom of the basement - the room where the power no longer work: an old skate video of legendary Birdhouse skateboarder Jeremy "Playboy" Klein. Take a look at this pile ...

From the Basement | Andrea True Connection's More, More, More

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In honor of The Sundance Channel's airing of the tremendous 2005 doc from Imagine Entertainment & HBO Documentary Films, Inside Deep Throat - a film which details the odd, groundbreaking and oftentimes tragic stories surrounding the 1972 film Deep Throat and it's beleaguered star Linda Lovelace - this month, we dig up out of the basement archives the ultimate 1970s porn soundtrack anthem: Andrea True Connection's unlikely billboard hit "More, More, More." Andrea True Connection, aka Andrea True, a well-known pornographic actress in her own right, recorded the song written by Gregg Diamond as the disco-porn-meld national anthem in 1976...

From the Basement | P.J. Ladd Wonderful Horrible Life

Posted by It's "East Coast Legend" P.J. Ladd turning the industrialized use of brick, steel and concrete into his bitch in this skate video recorded in 2002. If only we could all be so free.