Cyrcle recently finished this work in Lisbon, Portugal in cooperation with The Underdogs Project. Called "The Struggle Of Nations," a "cabellors y indios" theme is depicted in a vintage newsprint/comic book style and would appear to be calling attention to the mass murder and genocides commited by "civilized" nations of the west perpetrated against the indigenous peoples of the New World - a matter of history that looms large in the collective conscious of these western nations. Hence, the struggle. It should also be noted that many of the indigenous tribes and peoples of the Americas were regionally and collectively known as "nations." From that perspective it's not hard to figure out what their struggle was about when you examine history let alone Cyrcle's wall. The newspaper/comic book print texture The mural is located at Gare do Oriente or Lisbon Orient Station, that is if you just so happen to be in Lisbon anytime soon. via SAN