On July 18, 2013 Detroit became the largest city in the history of the U.S. to file for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy. What you will be seeing now is a city do everything it can to get out of having to pay all of it's municipal workers their pensions and any other benefits anyone who is not a big conglomerate supposedly have coming to them. It shall all be played out in the courts - but pay close attention kiddies - because this is going to be the test case. If Detroit gets out of having to pay their workers their benefits you can rest assured that other cities will follow Detroit's lead. Ah, the 21st century - who knew? On the positive side, the underground art movement is still thriving in Mo-town. Here we have a beautiful piece of 3D graffiti art by Melo and Ayem stating the obvious - but stating it in a rather unique way. via JUX