"He is the scariest most horrifying looking human being I've ever met, but at the same time the guy is one of the funniest nicest dudes I've ever met." -David Choe; on Danny Trejo It was 2010 when world-renowned street artist and multi-multi-millionaire (thank you Facebook stock option) David Choe first informed us that while growing up his burgeoning artistic interests began for him by drawing superheroes: Superman, Batman, etc. But then one day the inevitable happened, David Choe drew his first female. From then on Choe never had an interest in any studies of the male form ever again, until he had the chance to paint the living legend, the - as he puts it - first Latino superhero (literally) Danny "Machete" Trejo. Here's a quick look at the meeting of the two artists as it was documented in 2010.