The Birdman | a Jesse Auritt film

Profiling Rainbow Music and her shopowner: the "Birdman." There's not a lot of places like around anymore - and there's not a lot of businessmen like the Birdman left. Old school, baby.

"With CDs, VHSs and old cassette tapes stacked head high, Rainbow Music is a hoarder's paradise. However, its quirky owner, known as 'The Birdman', knows exactly where everything is. Amidst the Starbucks and Subways popping up on every corner of the East Village, Rainbow Music maintains its mom and pop feel, and is a hidden gem to its patrons. Due to the weak economy, online music sales and pirating, and the changing neighborhood, this charismatic curmudgeon is struggling to sell what he has in his store. Despite these challenges, The Birdman carries on to his own tune."

WINNER: Grand Jury Award for Short Documentary 2013 Slamdance Film Festival WINNER: Best Documentary Short, 2012 Williamsburg Independent Film Festival WINNER: Neighborhood Award, 2013 Lower East Side Film Festival WINNER: Audience Favorite 2013 Media Film Festival via TWBE