From the final episode of "State of the Art," a 1985-86 UK Channel 4 documentary series it's Andy Warhol and his "discovery" Jean-Michel Basquiat being filmed together over something dangerously unconscionable in the art world: Each has defaced a piece of each other's own art.

A bold statement by both artists to be sure, but one can't help but wonder if the idea all came from the decadent genius Andy Warhol to begin with? It's not like aged old Andy would have had a chance of bedding and defiling a Jean-Michel Basquiat like he may have been able to pull off 20 years prior to this being filmed. So he opts to do the next best thing - defile one of his works. In return he allows young Jean-Michel to do the same to one of his. This is of course rampant speculation... but considering it's Andy Warhol being discussed, one can't help but wonder and make you go like Arsenio, "hmmmm?"