Who thinks of Tom Green as a bad ass rhyme-spittin' MC with a whole lotta' flow? I didn't. But I probably should have because one day I saw this. What we have here is an episode of Tom Green's own variety show in which Xzibit is a guest. At a certain point in the interview Tom Green feels like a freestyle, requests a beat from his house DJ, and asks Xzibit if he'd like to join in at any time to feel free. Mildly amused, Xzibit sarcastically replies to the court jester, "If you inspire me, I'll jump right in." Tom gets himself ready and explains he "gets a little bashful," all to add to Xzibit's amusement. The tone in his voice and the look on his face tells you that Xzibit was not quite prepared for what kind of flow Tom Green was about to unleash on him and the equally unsuspecting viewing audience. After all, Tom Green was, and is, crazy. So who knew exactly what it was that he had up his sleeve when he said he wanted to freestyle live? - certainly not I and definitely not Xzibit. Ten seconds into Tom's rap Xzibit had a new look on his face, as did I. Before it's all over Xzibit was inspired enough to jump in and lay his end down - leaving an utterly impressed X to the Z to remark when it was all said and done: "I'm gonna take that back to the hood." Indeed, indeed.