Ghostbusters II will probably go down as the greatest film ever whose main antagonist was a painting. The painting was of "Vigo the Carpathian," as portrayed by legendary German wrestler/boxer/pimp and actor Wilhem von Homburg (0ther than his role of Vigo, American audiences will remember Wilhelm as one of the terrorists who take over Nakatomi Plaza in the original Die Hard). But of course it is Max von Sydow's voice that you hear when Vigo speaks in the film. Much to Wilhelm's dismay his performance had been dubbed over (he reportedly stormed out of a cast and crew screening upon hearing von Sydow's voice instead of his own). Well somebody rummaged through the archives and found a clip of Wilhelm's performance... I think it's safe to say the producers of Ghostbusters II got it right when they opted to use Max von Sydow, but that's just my opinion. Have a listen for yourself.