In 2003 visionary indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch wrote and directed the subtle comic masterpiece Coffee and Cigarettes.

Jarmusch's film was an exercise in the juxtaposition of opposite -specifically the colors black and white- and consisted of layering consecutive shorts in which two, sometimes three, people at opposite ends of given premise sit around having a discussion over coffee and cigarettes.

In one segment Cate Blanchett stars as both herself and a fictional cousin, in another (originally filmed in '93 for Jarmusch's Canne's award-winning short Coffee & Cigarettes III and included for the 2003 feature) Iggy Pop and Tom Waites have an awkward meeting in a roadside cafe only to realize that they have quitting smoking in common - so they celebrate by lighting up some smokes from a pack of Marlboros another patron left behind. But nothing tops this classic scene in which the RZA and GZA meet up at a swanky diner only to find the one and only Bill Murray hiding out as a waiter in the film's climactic segment "Delirium."