This time Christopher "Nick" Bertke (a.k.a. Pogo) has gone too far! If what he did to Disney's Alice in Wonderland wasn't enough, this time he's gone and taken MGM's The Wizard of Oz and turned the sweet sounds of a childhood staple into something dark, disjointed and entirely addicting. Pogo ups the ante with his Wizard of Meh. when you compare it to his previous release Alice. This new mix, coupled with a broodingly shot B+W video, deconstructs the flowery myths of Oz as only an early Hollywood song-and-dance picture could convey and in essence stands in like a musical x-ray revealing the nightmarish realities inherent to the Oz story, but conspicuously absent from the Oz film. The only thing that'd make this video any more creepy is if a flying monkey came zinging by.