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The Zoo York Mixtape | Shaping Things to Come The vast majority of the entire skateboarding world had their eyes concentrated on the West Coast throughout the 1980s and early 90s. This was due in large part to the influence of California's famous Z-Boys who had made names for themselves in the late 1970s. Consequently, the East Coast scene that was developing was largely ignored. It would have to take visionaries such as Rodney Smith, Eli Gesner, Adam Schatz and a little skate video to shake things up and change the lay of the skateboarding land. Shake things up they would, and in a big way. It all...

Bump This | Common ft. Sadat X & Talib Kweli : 1999

RIME & TheSeventhLetter for Zoo York

New Decks

Some new arrivals at the shop from Zoo York, Alien Workshop and Enjoi.