From the Basement | Ragdoll Slaughterhouse

Posted by From Ragdoll's segment from the Pig Wood video 'Slaughterhouse'

HUF in New York

Posted by A look at the HUF team riders in New York. via HUF WW

From the Basement | Jamie Thomas in Welcome to Hell

Posted by The Jamie Thomas segment from Toy Machine's 1996 skate video Welcome to Hell.

From the Basement | Andrew Reynolds Anthology

Posted by Deep from the bowels of the basement comes this old school skate vid of Florida skater and Baker Skateboards owner Andrew Reynolds and co.

Still Loving Skater Chicks

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From the Basement | Baker 3 Terry Kennedy

Posted by Old school footage of the Long Beach legend Terry Kennedy.

Essential Viewing | Backstreet Atlas | A Skateboarding Doc

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From RIDE Channel comes this beautiful 20-min. doc. about two kids, Zach Baker and Adam Abada, who decide to take a bus to Boston with the intention of skateboarding through southern New England back to home. This is how life is meant to be fucking lived. When you've finished watching the film check out Andy Cush's interview with Zach and Adam for Animal New York. via ANIMAL

Loving Skater Chicks

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HUF x THRASHER Stoops Euro Tour: Southbank

Posted by Some more Highlights of the HUF x Thrasher Stoops Euro Tour demo, this time at London’s Southbank. via HUF

HUF x Thrasher Euro Stoops Tour at NOTE

Posted by The HUF team paid a visited to Manchester as part of their UK HUF x Thrasher Stoops Euro Tour. While there the team stopped for a signing at NOTE Shop and did a bit of some street skating with HUF UK flow rider Tom Day. Here is a video of the activities. via HUF

The Motivtion | an Adam Bhala Lough film

Posted by An exclusive ten minute preview of Adam Bhala Lough's film The Motivation where we see some of th world's top skateboarders getting ready to compete in the $200,000 grand prize New York's Street League Championship. Not only is nearly a quarter-mil. on the line but also the prestige and recognition of being known as the world's best when it comes to skating the street. Sean Malto, Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriquez, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, Chaz Ortiz, Bastien Salabanzi and Luan Oliveira are all featured.

HUF Welcomes Kevin Terpening

Posted by Our friends over at Huf welcome Kevin Terpening to their team with this scintillating 38-second promo vid by Martin Reigel. via HUF