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Nychos Orca in Brooklyn

Recently we featured a work by Nychos which depicted a tiger jumping out of its skin. Nychos is back, this time with an orca jumping out its skin - but keep your eyes peeled, there seems to be a political statement being made in this work. Not that there wasn't one with his tiger, it just seems more evident in the orcas piece - as in the digestive tract of the killer whale is a pocket full of pollution. Have to love the embedded 666 included in said pollution. Look for this mural on Tutu's at 25 Bogart St. in...

Tiger mural by Nychos

Recently we took a look at Wham Bacabac's illustrations, one of which included an extremely bad ass tiger. But have a look at this. It's Nychos' new mural in San Francisco - which is a sight to behold indeed: A six-story high tiger jumping out of its own skin; sweet baby Jesus that's so bad ass. via JUX