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LICK x Illyorker Tees

We collaborated with Shaz Illyork and the Illyorker brand to release these limited run tees in coordination with Shaz Illyork's debut album "Deadstock Revival". The tees are limited in numbers and are now available only at the Long Island City Kleaners retail shop and online right here. You can see the tee below as modeled by Tifa Reed Hilton.


Check out Will Shum's new skate video "skates&stuff" featuring Evan Borja and Jonathan Ngan along with: Nabi Salomon, Jason Sherman, Mike Heikkila, Danny Dorsa, Michael Orso, Cody Rubino, Dorian Tineo, Jose Vega, Rusty, Zach Bonime, Christian Allen, Jentry Bain, John Kim, Genesis Evans, Will Shum, Dom Susca, Michael Bruch, Zach Moore, Max Piras, Marcello Campanello, Brandon Cohen, Will Rubenstein, and Anders Newman.

Sophie Rose for L.I.C.K.

Shot by our man down in Florida, Tommy Lee.

Max McFarlane Winter 2012/13

The Defenders of New York

We decided to take it upon ourselves to stick up for all New Yorkers with our new tees and custom Bic™ lighters. We are the Defenders of New York from all those who got something to say against us. Be proud of where you're from and where you're at! Available for purchase in-store and online right now. (Lighters are currently only available for purchase in-store)