Shaz Illyork | The Fundamentals of Ill

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Affiliated with some of the greatest graf crews in New York (ILLY, IRT, BP, SMART), Shaz has been making art in both visual and audio form for over 10 years. He currently has been focused on putting out some of the most refreshing Hip Hop the game as seen in years. As an affiliate of The Lo Lifes crew and The Outdoorsmen and under the SoundCity Entertainment record label he is part of a renaissance of true New York rap that reminds everyone of what great MCs can be. Shaz Illyork hasn't stopped getting up though. He continues to create...

WhatisAdam Montreal Mural Video

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Many of you asked for it and here it is. The video that was played at the L.I.C.K. Gallery during the opening of the WhatisAdam - "Beauty Torn" art show. The show will remain up until November so come swing by and see some work from one of the hottest artists in the Montreal street scene.

"Beauty Torn" art exhibition by Adam

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Montreal street artist known simply as "Adam" will open his new solo show at the L.I.C.K. Gallery on Saturday, September 3, 2011 from 7pm to 9pm. Adam's work has been spotted through-out Canada, Mexico City and New York City. Adam draws his inspiration from Canadian wildlife. Many of his paintings, prints and sculptures anthropomorphizes deer, wolves, ducks or bears. Below are some examples of his work. Come to the opening reception on September 3 to view his latest work. In the meantime check out his site.