Essential Viewing | Jay Z's short art film Picasso Baby

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0 Last week we mentioned that Jay Z's short performance art Picasso Baby film would be debuting on HBO this past Friday night. In case you missed it you can catch it here. "Concerts are pretty much performance art ... The venues change. Just by nature of the venues, the performance changes. If you're in a smaller venue, it's a bit more intimate so you get to feel the energy of the people," Jay Z explains. Even more fascinating is listening to Hov briefly discuss the historical significance and influence of the arts scene on hip hop in its infancy....

The Wire RPG

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Something to Look Forward to | Jay Z's Picasso Baby

Posted by Jay Z & Mark Romanek's project Picasso Baby, a short performance art film, will be debuting next week. The film will depict Jay Z performing his new track “Picasso Baby” while he interacts with a captive viewing audience in the intimate setting of an art gallery. New York's famed performance-based artist Marina Abramovic, whose own 2010 MoMA exhibition Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present which served as inspiration for the project will even appear. HBO has announced they’ll air the “Performance Art Film” this Friday August 2nd @ 11PM EST. (The network also aired Beyoncé’s self-directed documentary, Life Is...

Frat House

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The documentary that was made for HBO and never aired. Directed by Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland when they were NYU film students, Frat House explores the fraternity lifestyle of the late 1990s and now in hind-sight the origin of the "Bro". Of course, you'll recognize Todd Phillips as the director of Old School, Road Trip and The Hangover movies and you'll see the obvious inspiration for Old School here. Rumors of staged hazing scenes may tarnish the film's authenticity but it is still an interesting watch and who knows how long it will be available on youtube.