Something to Look Forward to | Jay Z's Picasso Baby

Posted by Jay Z & Mark Romanek's project Picasso Baby, a short performance art film, will be debuting next week. The film will depict Jay Z performing his new track “Picasso Baby” while he interacts with a captive viewing audience in the intimate setting of an art gallery. New York's famed performance-based artist Marina Abramovic, whose own 2010 MoMA exhibition Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present which served as inspiration for the project will even appear. HBO has announced they’ll air the “Performance Art Film” this Friday August 2nd @ 11PM EST. (The network also aired Beyoncé’s self-directed documentary, Life Is...


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It's official, Sylvester Stallone is set to reprise his signature character (sorry Rambo) Rocky Balboa yet again - this time in a supporting role. MGM has green lit the production on Creed (aka 'Rocky 7'). But on this occasion the film's central character will be the grandson of Carl Weathers' legendary Balboa-foe Apollo Creed with Rocky stepping in as his trainer. In this edition of the Rocky saga Stallone will be mostly hands-off in the process of the film's production. He won't be writing the screenplay and he won't be directing. He will simply by co-starring. Ryan Coogler is slated...


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A Study of Legs - In 11 Parts | A Jim Helton film For one month during the transition between winter and spring of 2009, Atsushi "Jima" Nishijima photographed legs walking the streets of Midtown Manhattan during his lunch break in this series of short movies. via TWBE

Raw Data by Jake Fried

Posted by Jake Fried's 60-second hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee. via TWBE

Making Taxi Driver

Posted by Taxi Driver didn't get it's start as a script only. Some crudely drawn storyboards accompanied the screenplay long before the film was ever green lit for production. Have a look at how a great motion picture began. “Storyboards express what I want to communicate,” Scorsese told Phaidon in 2011 for an article on the exhibition “Between Film and Art: Storyboards from Hitchcock to Spielberg.” “They show how I would imagine a scene and how it should move to the next.” via OC

The Art of Steadicam

Posted by Refocused Media's tribute to the Steadicam comes in the form of this compilation of the top 50 Steadicam shots since its introduction to the film industry in 1975. "Come for the film history lesson, stay for the Kubrick." via DVR

Ink, Coffee and White Out: The Work of Jake Fried

Posted by A seriously serious one minute animated short by Jake Fried. Yeah, it's only one minute long - what's so serious about that? Well when you consider that all 60 seconds of this film are completely hand drawn by the artist then maybe you'll begin to understand. Because seriously, this is some next level psychedelic shit. via MISH

Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation

Posted by The full and complete documentary narrated by Ice T.

The new Wilhelm scream?

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Something to Look Forward To | The East

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Something to Look Forward to | Reincarnated

Posted by The official Snoop Lion documentary, documenting Snoop's transformation while in Jamaica, gets its widespread release this spring. via: FDR

Essential Viewing | Dirty Hands The Art & Crimes of David Choe

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David Choe is now world famous due to his net worth which exceeds over 200 million after opting for stock options as payment from facebook for some work he did for them - is one of the more fascinating figures in the contemporary street & urban art scene. Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe is a San Diego Asian Film Festival Grand Jury Prize award winner takes an interesting, and often times hilarious, look at the tumultuous life and times of David before he ever struck it rich.