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80s New Wave Tarot Cards

Artist Amanda Lee Stilwell has created the inevitable, a retro 80s New Wave inspired deck of tarot cards. Here is a look at a few. With a Lord of the Rings deck having recently been created, and now Stilwell's - sure to be a hit - expect to see more of these popping up. via FW

Made of Money | Mark Wagner Collages

It is very hard not to fall in love with these collages, creations of Brooklyn artist Mark Wagner. Has there ever been a collection of work that reflects truth more than these? It is very humbling to see one artist find a means to hit paydirt in terms of actualizing truth in his or her artwork such as this. At the same time it is extremely bad ass. For more on the artist check out his webpage at Mark Wagner Inc. via JUX

Andy Warhol Digitally Paints Debbie Harry in 1985 Graphic design has certainly come a long way. Check out Andy Warhol using a Commodore Amiga 1000 at to paint Debbie Harry at the Amiga press release news conference in 1985. via OC

5boro Bodega Series

A quick look at 5boro’s new Bodega series featuring staples found at any corner store in the five boroughs. To those of you that are unfamiliar the items are: Wonder Bread, Goya Beans, Campbell’s Soup, Olde English Malt Liquor, and shitty coffee. via JUX

The Danish Film Institute’s presents Cuban Film Poster Art

The Danish Film Institute has collected a number of Cuban film posters from the past 50 years. You can check them all out on their flickr page. It's an amazing collection of artwork which has very rarely, if ever, had an opportunity to be seen here in America.