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The Clueless Gamer | Conan Plays Atari 2600 Classics

Check out Conan O'Brien in the latest episode, a vintage edition, of "Clueless Gamer." Conan goes old school with the Atari 2600. via DVR

Weekend Retrospective | Bill Burr's rant against Philadelphia

In this clip we have comedian Joe Rogan and Opie of “O&A” fame discussing comic Bill Burr’s now legendary rant against the city of Philadelphia as a lead in to the actual rant in full. The story behind this video centers around a very hostile Philly crowd, circa 2007, '08, which was in the process of unleashing a torrent of boos as Bill Burr took the stage. In actuality these boos were really bleeding over from the comedian who was on stage just prior to Burr, one Dom Irrera. So amid all the boos and open hostility chiefly aimed at...

Patton Oswalt's EPIC Star Wars Filibuster

J.J. Abrams, do you need a plot for Star Wars - Episode VII? Take a listen to Patton Oswalt's epic Star Wars filibuster from Parks and Recreation. It might just blow your mind. via DVR

Kevin Hart remembers getting smacked in front of his friends