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Google-Glasses and Porn

So Google-Glasses has banned porn? Not if porn-industry superstars James Deen & the ridiculously hot and sultry Andy San Dimas have anything to say about it. You must admit, this was well played, your move Google. via DVR

The Analog Tele-Phonographer

Introducing the The Analog Tele-Phonographer - Christopher Locke's smartphone amplifier made from salvaged, brass instruments and other assorted machine parts. Not too shabby in so far as innovation goes. via BB

LICK Halloween Costume

Have no idea what to be for Halloween? Be LICK in the form of this costume, which is kind of like our "Licking Lips" logo. And it is only $40.

Hungry Hungry Koopas

Kody Koala has created a custom hand-made Super Mario Bros. x Hungry Hungry Hippos game. Here is an excerpt from their website: "Here is Hungry Hungry Koopas. This one has been a long time in the making. I have been working on this on and off since January. Initially I was going to use Koopa Troopas, but I decided that using the Koopa Kids would give it an extra flare. Each “Hippo” took about 10 hours to complete, and the main base took about the same, so I would have to say that the whole build took about 50 hours....

Kenny Powers Bobblehead

Kenny Powers Bobblehead The latest must have figure for everybody. More info after the jump. From toy maker, Bif Bang Pow, comes a new talking bobblehead featuring Kenny Powers from HBO's "Eastbound & Down" which is one of the funniest shows on television. Phrases that will be played include: "You're fucking out!" "I am the man with the ball." "So that is why I'm better than everyone else in the world." "I play real sports." "I'm not trying to be the best at exercising." For more info check out Big Bang Pow's site.