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Huf presents: The Joey Pepper Pro

Joey Pepper explains how he and Keith Hufnagel got together and went about designing their bran of shoe. via RC

New Arrival | Emerica Holiday Footwear

New sneakers from Emerica just came in: G-Code, Leos and Reynolds 3.

23 Things You May Not Know About Air Jordans

1 - Superstar Jordan When Michael Jordan left the University of North Carolina in 1984, he wanted to sign with adidas, not Nike. He was a self-described “adidas nut,” and told his agent that if the deal the German company offered was even close, he’d sign with them. Apparently it wasn't. Their loss. 2 - First Flight The very first drawing of the Air Jordan ball-and-wings logo was sketched out on the spur of the moment by Nike's Peter Moore, while the "Air Jordan" name was actually conceived of by superagent David Falk. And while it's hard to believe now,...

Straight Cash Homey | Summer Clearance Sale

Winter Clearance Sale

Our clearance sale starts this Wednesday. Use it to stock up on some snapbacks, sneakers, hoodies, sweatshirts or jackets from your favorite brands.