Essential Viewing | Joey "Coco" Diaz Flipping Out

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Internet animator Paulytoon takes this classic segment from "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast and turns it into one of the best cartoon shorts to hit the web all year.

The Stanley Kubrick Animated Blooper Reel

Posted by From the wacky whimsical mind of Dan Meth and his tumblr blog (which everyone should already be following): a short animated blooper reel from some of Kubrick's finest. via METH

Essential Viewing | The Flaming Lips x Dan Hertzfeldt animation

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Classic Flaming Lips track "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. I" combined with the imagery of Don Hertzfeldt’s animated shorts is mezmerizing delightful awesomeness. via: WA

Beastie Boys on Being Stupid

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Beastie Boys on Being Stupid PBS Digital Studios animator Patrick Smith illustrates a 1985 interview with the Beastie Boys as part of their Blank on Blank series. Watch, listen and learn. via DVR

Ink, Coffee and White Out: The Work of Jake Fried

Posted by A seriously serious one minute animated short by Jake Fried. Yeah, it's only one minute long - what's so serious about that? Well when you consider that all 60 seconds of this film are completely hand drawn by the artist then maybe you'll begin to understand. Because seriously, this is some next level psychedelic shit. via MISH

Staying Creative: 29 Ways

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TMNT Stop Motion Intro (1987)

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This is pretty amazing and needs to be seen.

The Simpsons x Ren & Stimpy

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If you missed last night's episode of The Simpsons or just turned it on late you missed the sofa sequence animated by John Kricfalusi. If you didn't know by the name, you will know just by watching, that John was the creator of the classic " TheRen & Stimpy Show" animated series.