Banksy in Brooklyn

In case you didn't know, Banksy is loose on the streets of New York this October. This little mural popped up in Brooklyn on Kings St. and Vant Brunt as part of the guerilla artist's "Better Out Than In" project. The heart-shaped balloon stencil is a follow-up to his iconic "Girl With Balloon" work. Also, be sure to check out StreetArtNews' 57 second YouTube analysis of this work in the video below. It's fucking brilliant. via SAN

Comic Cover Corner | Luke Cage - Power Man

"Luke Cage - Power Man" #17 (February 1974) | art by Gil Kane & Billy Graham Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Famer as well as Harvey Award Jack Kirby Hall of Famer Gil Kane, best known as co-creator of Green Lantern produced the cover art for the 17th edition of Marvel's "Luke Cage" comic book back in '74. This one piece of art tells you everything you need to know about Luke Cage "Power Man." We're still waiting on a movie already.

Essential Viewing | NY 77 (The Coolest Year In Hell)

How Kubrick's opening to The Shining became Scott's end to Blade Runner

“The fact is, if you are ahead of your time, that’s as bad as being behind the times, nearly,” explains Ridley Scott. “You’ve still got the same problem. I’m all about trying to fix the problem.” Scott and his team decided they could fix one “problem” in particular: The original ending of Blade Runner's ambiguous ending. Here entereth the problem solver: Stanley Kubrick. Here's a look at Kubrick's opening to the greatest horror film ever produced. The alternate alternate-end scene to Blade Runner. Thank Odin this cut wasn't used. Ironically, the superior ending to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is...

Fresh & Klean | "So High" by Ghost Loft