Style: BQ6817-204
Price: $115

Sizes Available: 7–14

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If you want to purchase a pair of any of these sneakers you must enter our raffle. Winners selected from the raffle will then have a pair reserved for them for a limited period of time to purchase.



Raffle Entries start Monday, 9/25/23.

You can only enter this raffle in-store.

We will not be able to respond to emails, comments, DMs, or phone calls so please read the rules carefully. Phone calls will immediately be directed to our instagram and website. See our FAQ if anything seems unclear.  


1. Entries will be taken during normal shop hours and will close at 5pm on Friday 9/29/23.

2. A physical valid government issued photo ID is required when entering. Student or Work IDs are not accepted. Pictures on your phone of IDs are not accepted. Examples of accepted IDs: State Driver's License, Passport, NYC ID.

3. One additional raffle entry will be awarded to anyone who can land a kickflip or heelflip in 3 tries or less in front of the shop at the time of entry. If wearing SB Dunks when landed you will receive two additional entries. 


1. Winners will be contacted on 9/29/23 between 6pm – 11:59pm EST. DO NOT CALL OR MESSAGE to see if winners have been contacted. If you do so, you will be disqualified and blacklisted from future raffles.

2. Payment and transfer of pairs will be determined individually with winners.

3. Any pair(s) not paid for by 6pm on Saturday 9/30/23 will be re-raffled to a new winner from the existing pool of raffle entries.



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