20 Years Gone the Notorious BIG still influences and inspires

A few years ago “Complex News” compiled clips of all the times Biggie’s lyrics from “Juicy” had been used by other hip hop artists in their tracks. It was a dizzying display demonstrating how influential the memory of one of America’s truly great artists has lasted and materlialized over all the years he’s been gone.

To commemorate the twenty years since his murder, Spread Art NYC recently held a show featuring tribute art of Biggie at Brooklyn’s Bishop Gallery.

Biggie’s memory simply transcends the realm of music. This was made evident when the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets opted to honor him before their game against the Knicks with a banner meant to forever hang from the ceiling of the Barclay’s Center.

Biggie may be gone, and we were all robbed of twenty more years of his music – but it is evidently clear that he’s not ever going to be forgotten.